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Elements are the spells and healing items represented by coloured beanbags. There are six different Colour categories that Elements fall into: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Black. Each Elemental Colour also has an opposite:

Red and Blue

Yellow and Green

White and Black

Apart from Colour, Elements are also divided into categories based on who can use them. These include:

Basic Element that can be used by everyone.

Personal Elements that can only be used by one character or creature and are that Character or creature's Innate Colour.

Allegiance Elements that can only be used by Characters who are members of a certain faction and form to a Characters Innate Colour.

All Elements, regardless of who can use them either Deal Damage, Inflict Status Effects, Heal Damage, Remove Status Effects, temporarily Increase/Decrease a Character or creature's Stats or effect the Battle Field. Also each Element can only be used once per combat but a Character or creature can hold more than one of the same Basic Element and each element can be used in multiple battles. Healing Elements can be used outside of Combat to heal HP before moving on.

At Level 1 each Character can only hold so many Elements on them during battle. However the number Elements they can hold increase depending on their Level and Profession. The number of Elements a Character can hold increases by one every three levels.

At Level 1 Adventurers, Cooks and Fishermen can hold a total of four Elements: Three Basic Elements plus their Personal Element.

At Level 1 Entertainers, Smiths, Theives, and Hunters can hold a total of five Elements: Four Basic Elements plus their Personal Element.

At Level 1 Monks, Priests/Priestesses and Mage's can hold a total of six Elements: Five Basic Elements plus their Personal Element.

Characters can have a total of three Personal Elements. They start with one and unlock the other two at as they level up. They unlock their second one at Level 25 and third one at level 75.

All Personal Elements must conform to the following standards:

1. Starting and second Personal Elements can either heal or do damage, not both. However your third can do both if you with.

2. If dealing damage your Personal Elements can't deal more than your Attack and Magic Attack combined (with the exception of Colour weakness and Elemntal Damage Multiplication), and your first one can only hit one target. Your second and third one are free to hit all targets.

3. If Healing Damage or removing Status Effects your starting Personal Element can only effect one Target and can only heal half their HP or remove one Status Effect. Your second one can either remove all Status Effects or Heal all targets by two thirds of their HP. Your third is free to remove all Status Effects and Heal all targets to max HP if you wish.

4. If increasing or decreasing Stats your starting one can only effect one target and only by half or double the specific Stat. Your second and third are free to effects all targets but still only by half or double the specific Stat.

5. No profanity in its name.

6. Its name should make sense to your Character. I.e. If your Character's a Warrior don't call it something like "Cook Up".

7. Personal Elements must be the same Element Colour as your Innate Colour.

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