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Please Read Before Joining
« on: March 03, 2017, 08:41:09 pm »
Welcome to Chrono World a Fantasy Adventure LARP (Live Action Role Play) group based on the Square Enix game Chrono Cross. As such it includes Medieval and Steampunk elements.

I'm sorry to say that this Group is currently only for people living in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) in Ontario Canada right now. However if you feel like joining in on the fun feel free to start a branch in your location and start a Topic about It in the Other Areas section after creating your account!

For those not familiar with the game Chrono Cross or LARPing in general I would suggest checking out the other Topics on the previous Page so you can get a run down on how things work before creating your Character.

Once you have created your Character and have arrived at one of the LARPing Events remember to have Fun! And while you're out adventuring keep your ears and eyes open for clues that might lead you to The Frozen Flame or The Chrono Cross. Two Ultimate Elements of Untold Power!

Also did I mention that this LARP Group is Free!
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