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Just like in the game Chrono Cross all Combat is turn based. When you encounter an enemy you play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to determine who goes first. Once that has been decided you will have four options in battle:

1. Attack

2. Use Elements

3. Defend

4. Run Away

If you choose to Attack then you select your target by pointing at them. You may then attack them with your Weapon up to five times. Your first Attack deals a Third of your Attack strength, your second deals Half and your third deals Full damage. Your fourth and fifth Attacks are your choice of Full, Half or a Third damage. As you hit your opponent make sure to announce how much Damage is being dealt. As an added bonus, at anytime after your first attack you can switch and use Elements. However if you do so you forfeit the rest of your attacks for that turn. When attacked you take the total amount of damage being dealt then subtract the number with your Defence, then subtract the final number from your HP.

If you choose to Use Elements then point to and announce who the Target of the Element is followed by the Elements name and Effect. Once that is done Gently toss the Beanbag representing that Element at the target. That Element is then out of use for the rest of combat.

If you use an Element that deals damage then you add your Magic Attack to the Elements base damage to determine the Total damage dealt. If the Element matches your Innate Colour or is the opposite of the targets then it deals double damage. If you are the target of an Element that deals damage then you take the Total damage being dealt and subtract it from your Magic Defence, then subtract the remaining number from from your HP. If the Element matches your Innate Colour then you take half damage. If the Element is both the opposite of your Innate Colour and matches the casters Innate Colour then it deals triple damage. If the Element matches both the casters and your Innate Colour or is neither the caster nor your Innate Colour then it only deals it's base damage plus the casters Magic Attack.

If you are the target of an Element that restores HP then you receive the amount of HP it Heals. If the Element matches either the casters or your Innate Colour then you gain double its Effect. If the Element matches the casters and your Innate Colour then you gain triple its Effect.

If multiple Elements of the same Colour are used in a row then their Effects are multiplied up to x4.

Elements that Inflict Status Effects or raise/lower Stats are unaffected by Magic Attack or Magic Defence Stats nor Element multiplication and the target takes the Elements Effect as is. They do However count towards Element multiplication.

After you have used an Element you can't use any on your next turn but you can on the one after that.

If you chose to Defend then announce so. You then take no action that turn but your Defence and Magic Defence are doubled until your next turn.

If you chose to Run Away then announce so. You then forfeit your turn and disengage from combat. Your opponent must then give you a Ten Mississippi count to get away before attempting to engage you in battle again. However other enemies in the area can still attack you so be careful. If you are in a group then the entire group must agree in order to Run Away.

Combat is completed by either Running Away, defeating your opponent or by being defeated. If you Ran Away, then you do not receive any XP or Loot. If you were defeated then you are "Out" and must make your way to the closest friendly settlement before rejoining play, where you will be at half HP until healed. If you defeated your opponent then you receive XP and Loot(if they have any to give). If you are a part of a group and one of the members died during combat, they are automatically revived at the end of combat but receives no XP and is at 1 HP until healed. No matter how the Combat has ended your HP remains the same until healed.
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