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Weapons and Equipment
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*Please note that all weapons must be made of foam or other soft materials during play to prevent injury.

Weapons increase your characters Attack and there are eleven types of Weapons:

1. Swords

2. Swallows

3. Hammers/Axes

4. Throwing

5. Arrows

6. Postals

7. Daggers

8. Staves

9. Utensils

10. Rods

11. Instruments

There are three types of Equipment your Character can wear:

1. Helmets

2. Armor

3. Trinkets

Helmets and Armor increase your Defence while Trinkets give your Character abilities such as Increased Magic Attack/Defense, Increased HP, Immunity to Status Effects, and Resistance to Element Colours.

Depending on the Material a Weapon or piece of Equipment is made from the stronger it is:

Silk Armor +5 Defence

Leather Helmets +5 Defence

Leather Armor +10 Defence

Bone Weapons +5 Attack

Bronze Helmets +10 Defence

Bronze Armor +15 Defence

Bronze Weapons +20 Attack

Ivory Helmets +15 Defence

Ivory Armor +20 Defence

Ivory Weapons +25 Attack

Iron Helmets +35 Defence

Iron Armor +40 Defence

Iron Weapons +45 Attack

Steel Helmets +40 Defence

Steel Armor +45 Defence

Steel Weapons +50 Attack

Silver Helmets +60 Defence

Silver Armor +65 Defence

Silver Weapons +70 Attack

Mythril Helmets +80 Defence

Mythril Armor +85 Defence

Mythril Weapons +90 Attack

Rainbow Helmets +95 Defence

Rainbow Armor +100 Defence

Rainbow Weapons +115 Attack

All Characters start with a Bone Weapon.

*Note: There are some Weapons and Equipment that can be found that are not made from the materials listed.

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